Initial Consultation:

In order to know you, the way you live, use your space, your taste and style, I propose to meet you and discuss your requirements. 
It is useful at this stage to have a few images ready (pinterest board or other), have a budget in mind and as much information as possible about the project. 
Following this consultation I will send you a fee proposal and on agreement I will continue with the following stages. 

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Stage 1: Concept or Mood board:

This is a very important stage in making sure we are both on the same page in terms of colour scheme, style, feel and direction.This is a document we’ll keep refering to in order to keep the flow going through the entire project. 
A mood board consist of different images that sets up the feel of a room or an entire house, whether you want it cosy, fun, colourful or serene. 

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Stage 2: Design 

Survey of your room/ floor/ house in order to draw up a layout plan. I will then study the best use of space, creating options for you to review and discuss. 
I can also help you with the following services:
- Space planning: through layout plans and elevations. 
- Detail drawings for bespoke pieces designed to your specifications. (wardrobes, cupboards, window seats etc)
- Lighting and electrical plans. 

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Stage 3: Sourcing

Time to create sample boards to furnish your space. This could include:
-    Furniture
-    Bathroom and kitchen elements
-    Appliances
-    Lighting
-    Soft furnishing (curtains, upholstery etc)
-    Accessories

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