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There are several ways an interior designer works with a client and I am always happy to adapt to your personal circumstances whether you need me to take total control of the project or you want to be fully involved. Although we can take the project from different direction, I will usually follow the following process

Cecile Bell Interior Design initial consultation

Initial Consultation

In order to know you, the way you live, use your space, your taste and style, I would suggest we meet and discuss your requirements. 
It is useful at this stage to have a few images ready (pinterest board or other), have a budget in mind and as much information as possible about the project. 
Following this consultation I will send you a fee proposal and on agreement I will continue with the following stages. 

Cecile Bell Interior Design mood board

Stage 1: Mood Board

This is a very important stage in making sure we are both on the same page in terms of colour scheme, style, feel and direction.This is a document we’ll keep referring to in order to keep the flow going through the entire project. 

A mood board consist of different images that set up the feel of a room or an entire house, whether you want it cosy, fun, colourful or serene. 

Cecile Bell Interior Design design process

Stage 2: Design

In order to study the best use of space for your interior I will provide you with the following:
- Space planning: through layout plans and elevations. 
- Detail drawings for bespoke pieces designed to your specifications. 
- Lighting and electrical plans. 

Cecile Bell Interior Design sample board

Stage 3: Sample Board

Time to source and create sample boards to furnish your space. This could include:
-    Furniture
-    Bathroom and kitchen elements
-    Appliances
-    Lighting
-    Soft furnishing (bespoke curtains, upholstery,  cushions, bedspread)
-    Accessories

-    Art

Cecile Bell interior designer design implementation

Stage 4: Implementation

I can either pass on the sample boards to you with references for you to buy or I can purchase on your behalf using our trade discount. We pass on the discount but charge a sliding scale procurement fee based on the purchase price.

If required I can also manage any styling process of your property whether it is purchasing and positioning Art on walls or any accessories to finish off your decor in style

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